Impactful Product Ownership

Unlock the true potential of your Product Owners

Are your Product Owners struggling to unleash their full potential and drive lasting value for your company? Our comprehensive 2-month engagement is designed to transform your Product Owners into impactful leaders, equipped to continuously optimize value for your company.

What you get

  • An evaluation of your current Product Owner practices
  • An education of your Product Owners on how to continuously deliver impact and reduce commercial risk
  • Clear guidance on problems to solve
  • On-the-job support to help your Product Owners overcome challenges and put what they have learned into practice
  • Guidance for leaders and sponsors on how they best enable their Product Owners to succeed and what they should expect from them.

What we do

  • Aligning Expectations and Observation (1 Day)
    Laying the groundwork for success, we start with understanding your unique challenges and observing your Product Owners in action. By gaining insights into your current practices, we tailor the upcoming workshop to address specific needs effectively.
  • Product Owner Workshop (3 Days)
    Empower your Product Owners with the knowledge and skills needed to continuously delivery commercial impact. Through an immersive 3-day workshop, we cover agile best practices, product visioning, backlog grooming, effective prioritization, and stakeholder engagement. Your Product Owners will leave equipped to champion your product strategy with confidence.
  • On-Site Advisory (5 Days)
    We bring our expertise directly to your doorstep. During the on-site advisory, our seasoned consultant collaborates closely with your Product Owners, guiding them through real-life challenges and providing personalized coaching to solidify their newly acquired skills.
  • Ongoing Support and Q&A (1 Day)
    Learning doesn’t end with the engagement. We reserve a day to ensure your Product Owners have continued access to our support. Whether they seek advice, face roadblocks, or need clarification, we remain committed to their growth even after the engagement concludes.

Our Consultants

  • Have several years of relevant experience
  • Hold certifications from at least two recognized certification bodies.
  • Will focus on providing you value – every day.


Your success is our priority!

  • We guarantee to deliver on our promises. If we fall short, your needs will always come first.
  • It is free for you to cancel during our first day together.