My Tribute to Play4Agile

The following is my tribute to Play4Agile published prior to the 2017 event:

For some the dark and stormy winter makes it hard to see the light
For others, it’s a time to cuddle in front of the fireplace at night
But for all of us there’s a special place, that makes us all unite
A place where we all become kids again to feed our playful appetite
We come from near and far to celebrate the game of life
With blue haired dragon ladies and maybe a Conference Wife?!?
The waiting list will probably also be ridiculously long this year
But I hope and pray for Werewolves, Cards Agains Humanity and Kanban Beer
I almost cannot wait for us to be together again
It’s time for Play4Agile! – will I see you then?

Embracing Change

- a story about feeling safe

It’s monday morning, and you are working as an editor in a Company that produces exclusive wedding invitations. For the past 15 years you have been writing wedding invitation by hand, because it make the invitations more authentic and personal. After years of practice your hand writing is beautiful, authentic and almost perfect. It almost makes the wedding invitations look like a piece of art. Continue reading

Next Agile Copenhagen event

On November 13, 2014 at 17:00 – 21:00 I will be facilitating the next Agile Copenhagen event.

The event will host two exciting presentations:

Erik Østergaard Korsvik: Executive Agile

How do you take the agile mindset all the way into the executive suite? What philosophy does it take – in management and in the organization? And why would you do it at all?
Erik Østergaard Korsvik have tried it several times and in several different organizations, and will come and share his experiences and tools.

Erik Østergaard Korsvik (b. 1973, longtime senior consultant and head of departments) is in an engineer from DTU. Erik has worked with knowledge management and organizational involvement for 15 years as an advisor, project manager and department manager – and has a burning passion for people, leadership and Unboss.

The key note will be in Danish.

Casper Michaelsen: My Scrum Gathering experience

If you didn’t attend the Scrum Gathering in Berlin, this is your chance to the some insight into what happened at the conference.

Casper Michaelsen will present his experience from the Scrum Gathering in Berlin, and invite you for an open discussions.

Practical information

Date: November 13, 2014 at 17:00 – 21:00
Location: Deloitte, Weidekampsgade 6, Copenhagen

The “No Sex Curve”

This article is focused on the Burn Down Chart, and what it can tell you about the team members quality of life.


If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you probably already know the symptoms of the no-sex-curve:

  • Is your team constantly fighting to be ready in time for Sprint Demo?
  • Do you tend to “cut corners” to make the deadline? (minimize testing, documentation or other parts of the process)
  • Do you feel stressed when getting close to the end of a Sprint – and drained in the beginning of one? Continue reading